Transactions: 8-01-08


$100K KWRD-AM Henderson TX from Jerry Russell d/b/a The Russell Company to Hanszen Broadcasting (Jerry T. Hanszen). Full amount into escrow with $25K loaned in advance to settle $7.2K FCC fine and other obligations. LMA until closing. Duopoly with KGAS AM-FM Carthage TX. [File date 6-18-08]

N/A KKWD-FM Oklahoma City OK (Bethany OK) from The Last Bastion Station Trust LLC as Trustee (Elliot B. Evers) to Citadel Broadcasting Company (Farid Suleman). New Arbitron/BIA market tally for Oklahoma City allows Citadel to retrieve KKWD from trust. Superduopoly with KKAT-FM, WWLS-FM, KYIS-FM, KQOB-FM, WWLS-AM, WKY-AM. [File date 6-16-08]

N/A KKAT-FM Salt Lake City UT (Orem UT) form Citadel Broadcasting Company (Farid Suleman) to Wasatch Radio LLC as Trustee (Scott Knoblauch). Station placed into trust for resale to make room for acquisition of KHTB-FM. [File date 6-16-08]