Transactions: 8-06-09


$6.5M KNGY-FM San Francisco (Alameda CA) from Flying Bear Licensing LLC (Joseph Bayliss) to Golden State Broadcasting LLC (Edward R. Stolz II). $1M escrow plus $5.5M if closing occurs later than 9/13/09. Also, LMA if not closed by 9/13/09. [FCC file date 7/15/09]

$1M KVBE-FM CP Moapa NV from Aurora Media LLC (Scott C. Mahalick) to LKCM Radio Nevada LP (J. Luther King). LKCM loaned Aurora $1M upon grant of CP; will acquire station for outstanding balance on loan. CP is for Class C on 94.5 MHz with 93 kw @ 2,090’. [FCC file date 7/15/09]