Transactions: 8-13-10


$1 FM CP Lamar CO from Esgar Foundation (Frederick Esgar) to Kanza Society Inc. (Pat Parke, Deborah Oyler et al). Cash (or check). Duopoly with FM CP Wiley CO. Lamar CP is for Class A on 90.7 MHz with 4 kW @ 371’. Wiley CP is for Class C2 on 88.5 MHz with 30 kW @ 335’. [FCC file date 8/2/10]

N/A WTMW-FM CP North Judson IN from Mountain Bible Fellowship Church (Ronald E. Tenant) to Calvary Radio Network Inc. (James Motshagen et al). Donation. Buyer request main studio waiver, 18-month CP extension. CP is for Class B on 91.3 MHz with 50 kW @ 269’. [FCC file date 8/3/10]