Transactions: 8-22-11


$1.227M KBYR-AM & KMBQ-FM Anchorage AK (Anchorage, Wasilla AK) from Spirit of Alask Broadcasting Inc. (Bob Woodward, receiver) to Ohana Media Group LLC (Trila Bumstead). Cash. Superduopoly with KDBZ-FM/KFAT-FM Anchorage AK and KBBO-FM/KXLW-FM Houston AK. [FCC file date 8/10/11]
$215.4K WCAP-AM Lowell MA. 55% of Merrimack Valley Radio LLC (Clark F. Smidt, 53% to 0%; Jeffrey C. Smidt, 2% to 0%) to Samuel Poulton (41.9% to 96.9%). $50K cash, $40K for station operation/debt relief, $40K cash upon FCC final order, $85.4K benefits payments to Clark Smidt. [FCC file date 8/9/11]