Transactions: 8-29-08


$1M WKRB-AM/WKAI-FM & WLMD-FM Macomb IL (Macomb, Bushnell IL) from WPW Broadcasting Inc. (Don Davis) to Colchester Radio Inc. (Nancy L. Foster). $50K escrow, $50K cash at closing, $500K payment pursuant to loan between buyer and Citizens National Bank, $400K note. Superduopoly with WJEQ-FM/WNLF-FM Macomb IL & WMQZ-FM Colchester IL, forming two distinct markets. [FCC file date 7/18/08]

N/A KQQB-FM Newport WA from Proactive Communications Inc. (Greggory McMillion, Gerald D. Clifton) to Radio Station KMJY LLC (Warren Tillman, Wolfgang Salb, Thomas D. Hodgins, Christopher Gilbreath). Station returned to Radio Station KMJY on court order. [FCC file date 7/17/08]