Transactions: 8-29-11


$300K WSRQ-AM Sarasota-Bradenton FL (Sarasota FL) from SRQ Radio LLC (Donald E. Murphy) to Florida Talk Radio LLC (Lauren Rudd, Susan Nilon). $25K LMA/option 7/11/11. Option payment counts toward purchase price, as does $1.5K of monthly $2.5K LMA rental fee. Also includes W295BH, with $50K of purchase price allocated to FM translator and payable to Ringling Center LLC. [FCC file date 8/15/11]

$275K KMFB-FM Mendocino CA from Four Rivers Broadcasting Inc. (John Power) to Houten Broadcasting Company LLC (Claude Houten). $10K escrow, $52.5K cash at closing, assignment/assumption of Anderson note estimated at $166,639, note for $45,861.  [FCC file date 8/15/11]