Transactions: 8-31-09


$500K FM CP Tyler-Longview TX (Bullard TX) from JER Licenses LLC (Jon E. Robinson) to Waller Media LLC (Dudley Waller, Dorothy Waller). $40K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Buyer must also reimburse FCC for seller’s 25% bidding credit. Superduopoly with KFRO-FM Glimer TX, KDVE-FM Pittsburg TX and KEBE-AM/KLJT-FM Jacksonville TX. CP is for Class A on 94.3 MHz with 2.05 kw @ 565’. [FCC file date 8/6/09]

$5K AM CP Bend OR from Hill & Glover Broadcasting LLC (Sherman T. Hill) to North Star Broadcasting Partners LLC (Tad Burrup Henderson). CP is for Class B on 900 kHz with 50 kw-D, 2.4 kw-N, DA2. [FCC file date 8/6/09]