Transactions: 9-02-08


$12M WMFD-AM/WILT-FM, WKXB-FM, WAZO-FM, WSFM-FM & WLGD-FM Wilmington NC (Wilmington, Burgaw, Southport, Oak Island, Jacksonville NC) from NM Licensing LLC, a subsidiary of NextMedia Group Inc. (Jeff Dinetz) to Sunrise Broadcasting Company Inc., a subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company Inc. (James Goodmon). $600K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Existing grandfathered superduopoly. Buyer is asking for 12-month waiver to spin off one of the FMs to a third party. [FCC file date 7/21/08]

$3.8M WWJK-FM Jackson MS from Backyard Broadcasting Mississippi Licenses LLC, a subsidiary of Backyard Broadcasting LLC (Barry Drake) to New South Radio Inc. (Robert H. Holladay, Clay E. Holladay et al). $380K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Includes non-compete. LMA 8/1/08. Superduopoly with WIIN-AM, WYOY-FM, WJKK-FM & WUSJ-FM. [FCC file date 7/21/08]