Transactions: 9-09-08


$3M FM CP Flagstaff-Prescott AZ (Chino Valley AZ) from Grenax Broadcasting III LLC (Greg Dinetz) to Gold Water Radio Partners LLC (Edward F. Seeger, Andrew J. Guest, James C. Fort). $150K escrow, balance in cash at closing. CP is for Class A on 92.5 MHz with 1.5 kw @ 571’. [FCC file date 7/28/08]

$648,108 KXOW-FM CP Eldorado OK; KTSX-FM CP Knox City TX; KAHA-FM CP Olney TX; KZNO-FM CP Seymour TX; KZAM-FM CP Pleasant Valley TX; and KXME-FM CP Wellington TX from James Falcon to South Texas FM Investments LLC (Judge Eloy Vera, Mario Mascerro, Juan Diego Posada, Eugenio Falcon Jr., Jose Vasquez). Cash. KXOW-FM CP is for Class C3 on 96.9 MHz with 19 kw @ 377’; KTSX-FM CP is for Class A on 98.7 MHz with 6 kw @ 318’; KAHA-FM CP is for Class A on 107.3 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’; KZNO-FM CP is for Class C2 on 104.3 MHz with 50 kw @ 472’; KZAM-FM CP is for Class C2 on 92.3 MHz with 50 kw @ 492’; and KXME-FM CP is for Class C2 on 98.5 MHz with 25 kw @ 328’. [FCC file date 7/28/08]