Transactions: 9-10-09


$1M WDRE-FM & WBON-FM Hamptons-Riverhead NY (Calverton-Roanoke, Westhampton NY) from Jarad Broadcasting Company (Ronald J. Morey, Jed R. Morey, John Rose, John Caracciolo) to JVC Broadcasting Corp. (Peter G. Schiff, John Caracciolo, Victor Canales, Paul Homer, Henry T. Wilson). $650K cash, $350K note. Seller retains WLIR-FM Hampton Bays, and Caracciolo retains a small interest in seller, so stations remain related. [FCC file date 8/18/09]

$150K WILA-AM Danville VA from Tol-Tol Communications Inc. (Lawrence A. Toller) to Lakes Media LLC, a subsidiary of Birch Broadcasting Corporation (Thomas C. Birch, Aurora D.P. Birch). $50K escrow released at closing, $100K note. Arbitron is doing special survey report for Birch in the market. Superduopoly with WSHV-AM/WKSK-FM South Hill, WLUS-FM Clarksville & WHLF-FM South Boston, all VA. [FCC file date 8/19/09]