Transactions: 9-14-09


$50K KEDC-FM CP Bryan-College Station TX (Hearne TX) from Brazos Valley Coalition for Life (Shawn Carney) to Red-C Apostolate: Religious Education for the Domestic Church (Dennis R. Macha, William J. Paradowski, Mark L. Spearman, Christopher J. Kocmoud, William R. Cashion III). $2.5K escrow, credit for LMA payments, construction, improvement to the station and time retained by the seller at the rate of $500/hour between 6AM-11PM and $50/hour all other times. CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 5.7 kw @ 272’. [FCC file date 8/21/09]

N/A KMAJ-FM Topeka KS (Carbondale KS) from Kansas City Trust LLC, Trustee (Scott Knoblauch) to Cumulus Licensing LLC (Lew Dickey Jr.). Station was over local limit for Cumulus in Kansas City market. But it changed its city of license from Shawnee KS and became part of the Topeka market, allowing Cumulus to reclaim it from Trust for no consideration. Superduopoly with KQTP-FM, KDVV-FM, KWIC-FM, KMAH-AM & KTOP-AM. [FCC file date 8/20/09]