Transactions: 9-21-09


$1.98M KRZI-AM, KLRL-FM  & KRQX AM-FM Waco TX (Waco, Marlin, Mexia TX) form Simmons-Austin LS LLC, a subsidiary of Simmons Media Group Inc. (David Simmons) to M&M Broadcasters Ltd. (Gary L. Moss, George W. Marti). $200K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Existing duopoly. [FCC file date 9/18/09]

$350K KORL-AM Honolulu HI from Hochman-McCann Hawaii Inc. (George Hochman) to Centro Cristo Vida Abundante Inc. (Manuel S. Sanchez et al). $5K deposit, $5K monthly until closing, cash payment that when added to total already paid amounts to $50K, $300K donation from seller. Seller retains rights to KORL call letters. Station has been silent since 9/298/08. Buyer is non-profit entity[FCC file date 9/17/09]

$210K WRAX-FM CP Walhalla MI from Radioactive LLC (Benjamin L. Homel) to Beaubark Communications LLC (Alfred S. Kenyon III). Cash. Requesting 18 month waiver to construct station – permit expires 11/15/09. Station is also applying to change city of license to Lake Isabella MI. CP is for Class A on 98.9 MHz with 6 kw @ 328’ [FCC file date 9/15/09]

$600K WPNG-FM Pearson GA from KM Radio of Parson LLLC (Kevin Bae et al) to Broadcast South LLC (John O. Higgs, Kerry Van Moore, B. Gene Waldron, Brian Vaughn, Cindy J. Vaughn). $50K deposit, value of receivables up to $12K, balance in cash at closing. Includes non-compete. LMA 9/4/09. Superduopoly with WDMG-AM Douglas GA, WDMG-FM Ambrose GA and WVOH-FM Hazlehurst GA. [FCC file date 9/10/09]

N/A WKWH-FM CP Liberty IN from Connorsville Apostolic Lighthouse Inc. (Ira Sult III) to Hoosier Public Radio Corporation (Martin Hensley). Transfer from one non-profit to another for no consideration. CP is for Class A on 89.7 MHz with 110 w @ 36’. [FCC file date 9/9/09]

$725K WBGX-AM Chicago IL (Harvey IL). 78% of Great Lakes Radio-Chicago LLC from Michael J. Gallagher (63% to 0%), Michael J. Gallagher Jr. (5% to 0%), Catherine Cicela (5% to 0%), and Molly Marasian (5% to 0%) to Timothy F. Gallagher (22% to 100%). $33,725 advance, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 9/8/09]

$107.5K KAUL-FM Ellington MO from New Life Evangelistic Center Inc. (Charles W. Hale) to Dockins Broadcast Group LLC (Fred Dockins). $10K deposit, balance in cash at closing. Duopoly with KPWB AM-FM Piedmont MO, coming in another transaction along with three other stations in the general area. Buyer is applying to upgrade station from Class A to C3. [FCC file date 9/8/09]

$650K KIJI-FM Tumon GU from Guam Broadcast Services Inc. (Yasunori Kawauchi) to Choice Broadcasting Company LLC (Richard C. Yu, Jeselyn T. Yu, Robert F. Kelley Jr.). Escrow payments of $100K and $50K paid to seller at closing, $500K note. Duopoly with KCNM-FM and two AM CPs. [FCC file date 9/3/09]

$750K WJSS-AM Baltimore MD (Havre de Grace MD) from Benjamin-Dane LLC (Ronald Reeves, Gardiner H. Altman Jr.) to CRS Radio Holdings (Gardner H. Altman Jr.).Cash. LMA 9/1/09. [FCC file date 9/3/09]

N/A WBRQ-FM CP La Grange GA from Family Educational Association Inc. (Juan Carlos Matos Barreto) to Ben Jordan Communications Corporation (Ben Jordan, Kellie Jordan, Barbara Thompson). Trade for LPTV WQMB-LP Columbus GA. Both traders are non-profit entities. [FCC file date 9/2/09]

$250K KXAL-FM Tyler-Longview TX (Tatum TX) from William D. Waller Jr. to Chalk Hill Communications LLC (Charles W. Conrad). $25K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Although KXAL is a commercial station, Conrad is president of Chalk Hill Educational Media Inc., licensee of noncommercial FM CP in Tatum. CHEMI is transferring LPFM KZQX-LP to The Church at Lake Cherokee. [FCC file date 9/1/09]

$105K WAZL-AM Hazleton PA from WS2K Radio LLC` (Ira Rodesnblatt) to Panorama PA Inc. (Alexander Sloot). $10K escrow, balance in cash at closing. Includes non-compete. [FCC file date 8/31/09]

$5K FM CP Monmouth-Ocean NJ (Freehold NJ) from FM Pregnancy Centers Inc. (Santo A. Arena) to Domestic Church Media Foundation (James P. Manfredonia et al). $1K at closing, four $1K payments each made on anniversary of closing. CP is for Class A on 89.3 MHz with 3.8 kw @ 164’. [FCC file date 8/31/09]

$4.5M WNBI-AM/WCQM-FM Park Falls WI; WIKB AM-FM Iron River MI; WERL-AM/WRJO-FM Eagle River WI; and WATW-AM/WBSZ-FM/WJJH-FM/WNXR-FM Ashland WI. 66.7% of Hearland Communications Group LLC from Granite Equity LP (Arthur Monaghan, 100% to 33.3%) to NorthStar Properties LLC (James R. Coursolle, 0% to 66/7%). $100K escrow, $600K cash at closing, establishment of $3.85M senior credit facility. Granite’s Tu-Mar Broadcasting Inc. also owns WCCY-AM, WHKB-FM,  & WOLV-FM Houghton MI, which will enter into LMA with the new Heartland. [FCC file date 8/27/09]

$25K WHRQ-FM CP Sandusky OH from Port Clinton Knights of Columbus Home Association (Gerald Arnold) to Our Lady of Guadalupe Radio Inc. d/b/a Annunciation Radio (Michael Learned Sr., Richard Nelson et al). $2.5K escrow, credit for LMA fees and legitimate and prudent expenses, note for remainder. CP is for Class B1 on 88.1 MHz with 14.5 kw @ 256’. [FCC file date 8/27/09]

$275K WREQ-FM Ridgebury PA from Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls Inc. (Michael Kestler) to Geos Communications (Kevin M. Fitzgerald, Benjamin P. Smith, Betty S. Curtin). $5K earnest money, $120K cash at closing, $150K note. Duopoly with WPHD-FM South Waverly PA. [FCC file date 8/26/09]

$125K KZUS-FM, KSSU-FM & KEAU-FM Great Falls MT (Highwood, Vaughan, Fairfield MT) from College Creek Media LLC (Christopher F. Devine) to The Montana Radio Company LLC (Kevin D. Terry). $100K prepayment, $25K cash at closing. Existing superduopoly. Great Falls no longer receives Arbitron ratings. [FCC file date 8/26/09]

$1.00 KHUA-AM CP Presidio TX; KOAH-AM CP Comstock TX/KHTW-AM Langtry TX; KEHT-AM Eads CO; FM CP Wray CO; and KYHR-AM Richfield UT from Better Life Ministries (Claud M. Pettit) to Home Town Radio (Timothy C. Cutforth, Virginia K. Cutforth). Cash. Requesting CP extensions on all properties as qualifying small businesses. KHUA -AM CP is for Class C on 1230 kHz with 800 w-D, 710 w-N, ND; KOAH -AM CP is for Class C on 1450 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND; KHTW-AM CP is for Class C on 1400 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND; KEHT-AM CP is for Class C on 1450 kHz with 250 w-U, ND; FM CP is for Class A on 88.1 MHz with 100 w @ -125’; KYHR-AM CP is for Class C on 1490 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND. [FCC file date 8/25/09]