Transactions: 9-9-11


$260K KMOU-FM/KSFX-FRM/KBCQ-AM-FM Roswell NM; and KTNM-AM/KQAY-FM Tucumcari NM. 100% of Ingalls Holdings LLC from Trish Ingalls and David L. Ingalls (each 50% to 0%) to Majestic Communications LLC (Anna Maria Matteucci, James L. Matteceucci et al, 0% to 100%). Full amount into escrow. Stations are in two separate markets. Buyer will file for name change to remove reference to sellers. [FCC file date 8/31/11]

N/A WROM-AM Rome GA from Joy Christian Communications Inc. (Ed L. Smith) to Heirborn Ministries Inc. (Mark Lumpkin, Mark Garrett). Donation from on non-profit to another. [FCC file date 8/30/11]