Travel Channel greenlights three for primetime


Three new original unscripted series that have been greenlit: “Edge Of America,” showcasing travel and entertainment investigative journalist Geoff Edgers’ wild cross-country ride across America; “Feed The Beast,” featuring late night foodie expert Mikey Roe, who will take viewers on his quest to find the most delicious meal at any hour; and “Kevin Michael Connelly Project,” (working title) which follows author, photographer and adventurer Connelly, born without legs, on a personal journey to travel the world and push past his own physical limitations.

“Edge of America” Produced by Magilla Productions with Patrick McManamee as Executive Producer: Calf Testicle Festivals in Oklahoma… Lobster Boat Races in Maine… Tall Bike Jousting in Oregon… Americans will do just about anything to entertain themselves…and entertainment journalist Geoff Edgers wants to know why we do the things we do in the name of fun.  In the new Travel Channel series “Edge Of America,” Edgers investigates his way across the country in search of all-American fun.  Follow Edgers as he immerses himself in American subcultures, and dives head first into the unexpected and bizarre world of entertainment found on the Edge of America.

“Feed the Beast” Produced by Sharp Entertainment with Travel Channel’s Daniel A. Schwartz as Executive Producer: Host Mikey Roe knows where to find the best late night eats all over America.  Each half-hour episode features a major city with great nightlife.  In this half-hour weekly series, Mikey visits after-hours eateries, sampling some of the craziest concoctions that can only satisfy a “late night palette.” Along the way, Mikey will interact with some of the vibrant clientele that make these late night restaurants as lively as the food is delicious.  He takes us behind the scenes to meet the crazy chefs who make the food that feed the after hours customers.

“Kevin Michael Connolly Project” (working title) Produced by Crazy Legs Production with Travel Channel’s David Gerber as Executive Producer: Kevin Michael Connolly is an author, photographer and self-proclaimed thrill seeker who was born without legs and has a thing for pushing the limits of what’s possible.   Rock climbing, skiing, hiking mountains – You name it, he’s devoured it.  Ever since he was old enough to walk, or in his case roll around with his hulking arms and skateboard, he’s been dreaming up rigs to go anywhere and do anything to make up for his lack of legs.  With the help of backyard engineers and real scientists, Connolly is on a mission to plunge head first into the sea with cliff divers in Hawaii, climb towering pines with lumberjacks in the Smokies and experience Zero Gravity with astronauts in Houston.  For Kevin, perspective is everything, and he’s ready to get his hands dirty in search of new adventures.