Travel web says vacation trips will increase in 2012


According to the Travel-Ticker Traveler Intentions Survey, a significant number of consumers are a sure bet to increase their level of leisure travel in 2012, and almost all consumers will be looking for opportunities to fit more travel into their plans.

In a nutshell, out of 2,300 users of the Travel Ticker website, 44% plan on more travel, and 96% will be taking an opportunistic approach to more travel. 86% will travel more or at a level matching their 2011 travels.

“We are thrilled to see that folks are willing to fit more travel into 2012 and are looking for good deals to help them do so,” said L. Jasmine Kim, GM of Travel-Ticker. “Here at Travel-Ticker, we are committed to inspiring travelers to make their vacation dreams come true.  To do that, we continually handpick the best, most affordable deals to destinations across the globe.”

A few takeaways from the survey:

* 33% say they have more time to travel; 24% say their economic situation supports more travel; and 22% think that better deals will be available.

* 61% are thinking beach; 34% are looking at hitting a big city; and 28% are eying an outdoor adventure.

* 43% are actively looking for deals and discounts; 71% say credits, upgrades and other deal sweeteners will help get their business.

* Only 30% are focused on a specific travel plan – meaning competition for the undecideds is wide open. 57% say they’ll increase their travel if the right deal comes along.

* 67% describe themselves as flexible travelers – meaning that competition for their business continues even after they’ve decided on a destination. That’s because they decide on a general plan but leave plenty of room for spontaneity when planning vacation travel.

RBR-TVBR observation: While we take surveys such as this with at least a full shaker of salt, we strongly believe that there is a lot of pent-up demand among recession-weary consumers. In the travel field, it means that those with the best deals will get the business. Broadcasters, you can get the message about deals out to consumers – this is definitely a category worth some pitch time when availabilities are there for a new client.