Trey Morgan doing


On 9/1, the Z-100 NYC personality will attempt to commit his time to 30 different charitable organizations, 1 for each day of September, all while holding down his ‘day job’ and making it home for dinner with his wife. This non-profit crusade is called, “30 Deeds, 30 Days”, a term Morgan coined for its obvious simplicity.

Morgan came up with the idea while feeling much the same as many around the country — he wanted to find a way to give back and get involved, but didn’t know how to go about it, who to get involved with, or where he would find the time.

Morgan has set a time limit for 30 deeds in 30 days in order to challenge himself while learning about all the different organizations with the hopes of coming out of the experience with a new perspective and a re-alignment on what’s important in his life. Of the challenge, Morgan says, “It’s so important to give back. With my reach over the airwaves, hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others by showing that even a crazy feat like this is attainable, all it takes is a commitment.”

Each day, Morgan will arrive at a new charity, work with them in whatever capacity is needed, and attempt to prove that the average person can do this too. He’ll document his adventure through a daily blog and chronicle the highlights on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, on the air.

Some of the non-profit orgs slated to be involved include: Rosie’s Broadway Kids, Habitat for Humanity, Musicians On Call, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Ultimately, Morgan hopes to turn the experience into a book with a portion of proceeds benefiting the organizations he volunteers with.