Tribune Broadcasting staffers, meet your new boss


This classic photo of Randy Michaels was taken during the Jacor era, when Randy sought to enliven an NAB Radio Show panel discussion by hosing down the audience and showing off his patriotic red, white and blue boxer shorts. When Randy was the subject of a Bayliss Foundation roast, his Jacor managers lined up, dropped tuxedo trou and gave him a 21-bun salute. No, he is not the buttoned-down corporate type. For that matter, neither is Sam Zell, judging by the rather racy chicken story he told as part of a keynote speech during another NAB gathering. The whole country, indeed the whole world, is now watching to see what these two non-traditional entrepreneurs have in mind to reinvigorate and reform the old media assets at Tribune Company. We don’t know what is coming, but we do expect it to be interesting.