Tribune Media Services, Armstrong to grow VOD usage


Tribune Media Services and Pennsylvania-based cable operator Armstrong have joined forces to develop and test a bi-monthly On Demand catalog and weekly On Demand e-newsletter. The integrated print and e-media campaign is designed to increase awareness of the operator’s VOD program offerings and stimulate trial and repeat usage.

Customized to match Armstrong’s content asset categories, the 24-page, full color catalog serves as both a roadmap and entertainment guide to the operator’s On Demand universe with rich photography and informative program editorial. The catalog leverages the writing talents and access of TMS’ TV journalists to engage readers, convey the breadth of VOD options and communicate the ease and simplicity of the VOD process.

The weekly “Just In” e-newsletter highlights top movie premieres and TV episodes and includes a section on rare finds titled “You’d Probably Never Know About This, Unless We Told You…”

Todd Kavemeier, publisher of the catalog and TMS’ flagship publication Channel Guide Magazine, says, “The catalog was designed to encourage trial and repeat usage of On Demand, which ultimately delivers a better and more unique experience for Armstrong customers. It really simplifies the overall On Demand architecture so Armstrong customers can find the movies and series they enjoy, but more importantly, discover content they never knew existed.”

The new On Demand catalog first launched with a February/March issue. A summer issue of the catalog will be mailed to Armstrong customers in early June.