TripAdvisor Votes For Cable Spots


by Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

The summer travel season is upon us, and Trip Advisor has opted to use cable TV spots to best communicate its brand message to consumers.

In last week’s Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report, TripAdvisor debuted to land in second place, with 31,740 ads.

The Chevrolet Dealer Association climbed up to No. 3 with 31,309 commercials as did Progressive, who climbed up to No. 4 with 30,338 spots. Allstate dropped to No. 5 with 28,321 ads while Liberty Mutual Insurance moved up a notch to No. 6 with 27,751 commercials. Trivago fell to No. 7 running 26,317 spots and so did Lowe’s, which fell to No. 8 clearing 23,838 ads. Burger King, once again, held on to No. 9 airing 23,823 commercials and JCPenney moved up from No. 15 to No. 10 with 20,801 spots.