Triton Digital Activates A Political Data Cloud for Streaming Audio


Advertisers can now purchase digital audio inventory on an audience-addressable basis according to political interests and behaviors. It’s a capability made possible through the targeting capabilities within the Political Data Cloud by Tru Optik, an “identity resolution” platform seen across “Over The Top” platforms, Connected TV (CTV) and streaming audio.

It’s thanks to┬áTriton Digital and its Tap ad server, which activates audience segments within the Tru Optik Political Data Cloud. This, Triton says, allows advertisers to reach streaming audio listeners based on political characteristics, such as Leaning Democrat, Leaning Independent, Leaning Republican, Swing Voters, and Undecided.

Political data segments can be paired with demographic, behavioral, and interest-based parameters for even greater targeting precision.

Tru Optik found digital media accounted for less than 15% of ad spending in the 2016 presidential election. But, it is expected to more than double in the 2020 presidential election, thus making these targeting capabilities more important to political candidates and interest groups seeking to reach specific audiences with the right message at the right time.