Triton Digital partners with Semcasting


Triton Digital has a new partnership with multi-channel targeting company Semcasting to expand its audience targeting capabilities within “a2x,” the industry’s only programmatic exchange for streaming audio ads. The partnership will enable Triton to target every listener on any device without the need for cookies.

Semcasting uses big data analytics and an automated genetic modeling platform to weigh the impact of hundreds of demographic, firmographic, socio-economic, life stage, and transaction data variables to score every local or national campaign. Semcasting’s Smart Zones Audience Targeting platform effectively links the mailbox with the modem, providing a2x advertisers with reach to all IP-connected devices, advanced levels of data accuracy and comprehensive, compliant privacy. a2x is the first and only audio advertising exchange that enables real-time bidding and programmatic buying of targeted online and mobile audio inventory for advertisers, enhancing the ability to manage, buy and sell third-party advertising campaigns.

“Our Smart Zone targeting will enable a2x advertisers to extend their targetable audience reach while providing specific and documented profiles of each listener,” said Ray Kingman, CEO at Semcasting. “Because we don’t use cookies, Semcasting supports targeting on all platforms and to all users, including mobile, further extending advertising reach without compromising privacy.”

Traditional audience targeting techniques require the use of cookies, or stored data, on the user’s machine or browser. Cookie-based targeting is limited due to the number of devices that do not allow cookies or that enable users to delete or disable them. When used in conjunction with cookie-based targeting, Semcasting’s IP-based system delivers the ability to target nearly every user on any device including Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple’s iTunes and the Windows Media Player.

“As we continue to add new publishers and trading desks to our a2x network, providing the best consumer data and targeting is an important focus for us,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital. “Our trading desk partners and brand advertisers will benefit greatly from the combination of Triton Digital’s online audio exchange and Semcasting’s targeting capabilities.”