Triton Digital signs NowMedia Corp.


Triton Digital, a division of Triton Media Group, has signed with NowMedia Corp.  for its Radio 3.0 product. It’s a Social broadcasting platform, think Myspace meets YouTube meets radio. NowMedia ( is a leading supplier of live, interactive broadcasting solutions to the media industry.  Triton will provide NowMedia’s Radio 3.0 product to traditional broadcasters and other content providers and work with these affiliates to maximize both audience engagement and advertiser integration. It will be offered in cash and/or barter. The partnership empowers radio stations to extend the engagement of their broadcast programming to include live video, chat, media sharing, widget distribution and rich media advertising.

Radio 3.0 is a complete social broadcasting platform that incorporates live interactivity and community within a station’s website.  The solution empowers stations to stream live video of in-studio talk shows or events from remote locations – such as concerts or advertiser-supported promotions.  During the live broadcast, listeners can interact with on-air personalities and one another through the interactive media player and personal profile pages. Additionally, Radio 3.0 provides widgets to station affiliates so that the broadcast events can be watched, within Facebook, MySpace or any third-party website where the widget has been embedded.

Kevin Bromber, NowMedia Co-Founder, tells RBR the NowMedia Radio 3.0 live, interactive broadcasting platform was used last night to broadcast a live red carpet event for Sony Pictures “Step Brothers” movie at 7PM PT.  The live webcast could be seen on Sony’s site and it’ll also be syndicated on; ETOnline, and many other sites.

Says Bromber: “In this changing world of digital media I think it really gives stations an opportunity to compete against everybody else who is creating some really rich content on the web.”

They will be beta testing with two stations in the next 30 days. The NowMedia site allows live, interactive video streams from its users where live chat is encouraged. The “broadcaster” can push his or her own videos on the screen, as well as photos. It’s very fast and in real time. Some stations are already signed up with the current service—some for audio streaming only, some with in-studio video.

Even though this remote live event is not being produced by a station, it’s an example of how a radio station can produce and monetize remote events exactly like this using the platform.  So they have an opportunity to generate new revenue by charging event organizers (local concerts, premieres, grand openings) to broadcast their live events on the stations’ sites and simultaneously on the event organizer sites.  Here is a link to some specific information regarding the Radio 3.0 product:

NowMedia has hosted over 100,000 interactive events and shows created by movie studios, TV networks, radio stations, print companies, new web media, semi-pros and talented amateurs.

NowMedia has been the live broadcasting platform of choice for interactive webcasts from leading media companies and venues including NBC Heroes, LA Times, Sony Pictures and the 2008 GRAMMYS Celebration.