Triton Digital Makes A Political Move


Here’s an integration that has everything to do with politics.

The audio advertising marketplace known as a2X has been fully integrated with IQM — a provider that specializes in “voter matching” for liberal politicians and “progressive” causes.

With the integration of Triton Digital‘s a2x, buyers that use the IQM platform can increase their reach by adding highly-targeted digital audio inventory from podcasters, radio broadcasters, web radios, and online music services to their programmatic, omni-channel political buys.

“At IQM, we develop innovative predictive models that provide our political clients key insights into the media consumption habits of their chosen demographic, including vital influenceable and open-minded voters,” said IQM CEO Bhargav Patel. “With Triton Digital and their a2x marketplace, we’ve expanded our capabilities and how political campaign managers can leverage digital audio for their local messaging. Triton Digital’s a2x marketplace is full of premium audio inventory that will enable our clients to extend their reach, by delivering compelling messages to their target audiences at the right time, on the right devices, and with the right frequency.”

Triton Digital Managing Director of Market Development and Strategy Benjamin Masse added, “With a reach of approximately 180 Million individuals per month in the U.S., digital audio is an incredibly valuable marketing channel for political campaigns. The ability to target individuals by age, gender, location, and other demographic information provides a level of efficiency and relevance that is difficult to obtain through political mailings, phone calls, and door-to-door visits. We look forward to the success that IQM’s buyers will receive from incorporating this tremendously effective communication channel to their programmatic buys.”

Triton claims that a2x is “the world’s first programmatic buying marketplace for digital audio.”

The announcement from Triton came as London-based Audioboom called off its offer to purchase Triton Digital for $185 million in an all-cash deal.