Triton’s Audio Ad Platform Pacts With Platform 161


Here’s a digital marriage that will likely please many in the advertising world looking to reach listeners via podcasts and a radio station’s streaming audio services.

Triton Digital’s a2X audio ad marketplace is now integrated with Platform 161, a DSP for advertisers, publishers and agencies.

The integration provides Platform 161’s advertisers with the ability to add online audio from broadcasters and streaming music services to their programmatic omnichannel buys through both open auction and private marketplace (PMP) deals.

“We are proud to partner with Triton Digital to provide our marketers with access to a wide range of digital audio inventory from music services, live streaming radio, podcasts, and more through the a2x programmatic audio marketplace,” Platform 161 CEO Marco Kloots said. “The personal, highly-engaging nature of digital audio will undeniably enhance our marketers omnichannel buys, enabling them to both scale their buys and connect with their target audience in a native, immersive manner across mobile phones, smart speakers, and other internet connected devices.”

“We remain committed to connecting advertisers and audience through the power of digital audio, and are proud to add Platform 161 to the growing list of DSPs that are integrated with a2x,” added Triton’s Benjamin Masse, Managing Director and Market Development and Strategy.