TRN adds Hendrie, "The National Defense Radio Show


Hendrie's back on the radio-Talk Radio Network-FM announced the addition of The Phil Hendrie Show, premiering 6/25. The overnight show is scheduled to be live 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. PT weeknights.  Said Mark Masters, TRN CEO: "With the new Phil Hendrie Show, live overnights will never be the same again, like the smash hit "South Park" Phil is a master of satire and always delivers a pay off, which brings perspective on important issues of the day.  Phil Hendrie has a unique skill of using absurdity to backlight absurdity.  He truly is a genius at his art form…With the most contentious political Presidential election cycle in history literally on our doorstep, combined with all of the ongoing issues involving terrorism and the war in the Middle East, all talk stations nationwide will need a live overnight show that will be able to maneuver in and around this complicated landscape."

Hendrie has performed voices on the animated FOX sitcoms King of the Hill and Futurama, and in Team America: World Police.  In 2006, Phil starred in the NBC sitcom Teachers.  He recently starred in the FOX/CBS pilot The Giants of Radio.

On 6/2, TRN added "The National Defense Radio Show," a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners approach to issues that affect our nation's heroes.   Jerry Newberry, communications director for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, with co-host Randy Miller, discusses hot topics of interest to veterans and interviews national military and political figures.

The National Defense highlights issues of vital importance to our country that until now have only been discussed by talk show hosts who have little or no connection to the United States military.