TRN taps Jim Watkins


TRN Syndications, Ltd. has engaged long-time national affiliate consultant Jim Watkins, to spearhead several new projects within TRN and to assist in the growth of the existing affiliate base of the multiple TRN networks and many radio stars that TRN syndicates.

Watkins will oversee new business development and growth-strategy projects for the TRN Networks that distributes: Andrea Tantaros, Jerry Doyle, Rusty Humphries, Erich “Mancow” Muller, Monica Crowley, America’s Morning News, Michio Kaku, Louie Anderson, Roy Masters and America’s Radio News Network, and a complete weekend lineup of a variety of talk programming.

CEO Mark Masters is thrilled to have Watkins leading his affiliate department at this most crucial time. Says Masters, “Jim is deeply entrenched in Talk Radio, and has developed alliances with key programmers across the country.” Mark added, “As the country ramps up into the mid-term elections, Talk Radio has never been more vital to facilitating the national debate. Jim really understands the vitality of Talk Radio better than most people in the industry today.”

Watkins previously programmed News Talk stations for Clear Channel, as well as South-Florida based Meridian Broadcasting, and also served as producer for some of the top air talent in the country, including Michael Savage, Mike Gallagher, Barry Farber, and others.

“Talk Radio reaches the most affluent and loyal audience of any format, and it does so by allowing for a free exchange of ideas which can and does influence public policy in a big way,” says Watkins, who adds, “To have one of the best rosters of talent to be found anywhere gives me a great sense of pride.”