Trouble at TRN with Jerry Doyle?


Jerry DoyleFrom Jerry Doyle’s Facebook page 10/23: “Morning all. JD here. Having issues with my syndicator, Talk Radio Network (TRN). I miss the opportunity to hash out the issues of the day with you. Hopefully there will be a resolution sometime soon. My apologies to you all but please know I am doing everything I can to get to a place where I can have some degree of stability in how you receive the show.”

We’re not sure yet what’s going on and have reached out to TRN CEO Mark Masters, as well as Doyle, who told us he had no further comment from what he posted. Jerry is still under contract, but with all of the TRN headlines recently it could be a case of him not getting paychecks on time, or concerned affiliates deciding to pull his show. We’ll update as soon as we hear.


  1. Will someone stop Mark Masters from destroying hosts. Free Andrea and Jerry and Rusty… and Monica and the rest. TRN is a wrecked train.

    • The problem is economics, not necessarily the CEO.

      Here is the root of the problem. Radio is not as profitable as it once was (in large part because of the internet and broadband, but also because of the recession and lastly, on some levels, because of the so-called “synergy” of consolidation, a buzz word for less staff doing more work) which has resulted in less interesting content in general. Even music DJs are told to shut up. Generic voice tracking is the rule of the day, except in Talk radio, which is where much great creativity continues, despite these challenges.

      Music selection is being done on a corporate level, and local stations are losing creative control.

      Large companies that, ten years ago, didn’t mind putting on a show or two from an independent syndicator, now are holding on to every second of inventory they can grab and are not so willing to give inventory to their competitor. All of this has made it harder for everyone to make a buck, and it has diminished what come
      out over the air.

      I’d like to think that companies like TRN will continue to thrive. I have to believe that great talent is just waiting to be discovered, some of whom TRN has discovered and will continue to look for. It is, in my opinion, the only way to re-energize radio as a whole.

  2. I don’t know if they are bad or not, but I’m sure Cumulus has hurt them in the pocketbook and that makes it hard take care of what remains. That’s par for the Cumulus Course.

  3. Mark Masters got in bed with the devil (dial) he knew it was dangerous and did it anyway – why should anyone be surprised at the outcome. He made some bad decisions and must pay the consequences just like any other business.

  4. TRN loses Michael savage,TRN loses Laura Ingraham,TRN loses the major talents and the people behind the scenes who elevated them to another level,Andrea is gone and Jerry & Rusty are also ready to jump ship.We all love the Godfather of Talk Roy Masters but mark is yet a different story.Here in Charlotte I have been a loyalist to Talk Radio Net.My question is How long can this go on.Free Rusty and Jerry from your clutches so they can contiue to do what they do best.Inform & Entertain.I am also ready to Jump ship after being a TRN affiliate since 1995 here on Newsradio WSTP.TRN it is time to either enlighten your affiliates and if you cannot compensate your show host then Free them so they can continue to do what they do best ENTERTAIN.Wake up TRN I like many am truly a disgruntled affiliate who within the next 30 days in all likelihood will say thank you and goodnight to our friends in the Pacific Northwest.Wake Up TRN pay them or release them!!!!!!!

  5. Don’t forget about ME, Bill Henry, Mark DESTROYED my show and damaged my brand! I’ve been chimping about it for six years, did no one listen? Masters thinks he’s some Beau Brummel! WHOOO!!

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