Troubled Seattle indy TV sold at auction


OTA Broadcasting currently has no holdings in the broadcast universe, but when all of its pending deals come to a close, it will be a small, two-station television group. According to brokerage firm Kalil and Co., OTA was both the stalking horse and winning bidder for K44, otherwise known as KFFV-TV Seattle.

The seller is North Pacific International Television as debtor-in-possession. The seller was represented by Kalil.
The price will be $5.05M Buyer OTA is headed by Todd Lawyer and Bill Tolpegin.

The station had been trying to make a living with both infomercial and multicultural programming. It did not enjoy a network affiliation, but does enjoy must-carry rights due to its full-power status in the Seattle DMA.

OTA recently filed to acquire KTLN-TV Novato CA, serving the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA. That deal was filed with the FCC 6/7/11 and went into the books with an $8M price tag.