Troubled Texas radio quartet put up for sale


The four-station cluster now licensed to J & J Fritz Media Ltd., Debtor-in-Possession, has been put up for sale by a Texas bankruptcy court. The quartet is centered in Fredericksburg TX, to the northwest of San Antonio.

State Bankruptcy Court Western District of Texas has hired Bill Whitley of Media Services Group to find a buyer for the stations. He will also be selling studio and office space, as well as an AM tower site.

The stations include:

* Country KNAF-AM Fredericksburg TX, a Class D on 910 kHz with 1 kW-D, 174 W-N, ND

* Contemporary Country KNAF-FM Fredericksburg TX, a Class C3 on 105.7 MHz with 9.1 kW @ 538’

* Americana/Texas KFAN-FM Johnson City TX, a Class C3 on 107.9 MHz with 8.7 kW @ 551’

* Silent KEEP-FM Bandera TX, a Class A on 103.1 MHz with 3.5 kW @ 430’

The stations are immediately available, and Whitley is providing information to qualified possible buyers.