Trusted Laredo cluster sold to new group


MB Revolution entered the Texas group radio business via a deal which brought it four stations in two unrated Texas markets last summer. It is now ready to enter the portion of the world known to Arbitron via a deal to acquire three stations in Laredo TX and an TBA for a fourth.

The stations were part of the troubled Border Media group, which for the most part has been placed under the TLC of Larry Patrick under the name Border Media Business Trust.

The official buyer for the stations will be MBM Radio Laredo LLC, one of MB Revolution’s license subsidiaries. The group is headed by Roberto Gonzalez.

The stations include KLNT-AM/KNWX-FM Laredo TX and KBDR-FM Mirando City TX. Also included is the seller’s TBA with Border Broadcasters for KQUR-FM Laredo.

The price will be $2.7M cash.

The four facilities, which all easily blanket the market, stack up like this:
* KLNT-AM is a Class C on 1490 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND
* KNEX-FM is a Class A on 106.1 MHz with 6 kW @ 177’
* KBDR-FM is a Class C2 on 100.5 MHz with 42 kW @ 535’
* KQUR-FM is a Class C1 on 94.9 MHz with 100 kW @ 810’

Gonzalez acquired KVOU-FM & KUVA-FM Uvalde TX and KUVA-AM & KINL-FM Eagle Pass TX in a $2.1M deal with Rhattigan Broadcasting during the summer of 2011. It was filed with the FCC 6/29/11.

MB’s deal originally also included KVOU-AM Uvalde, but that part of it was eventually dismissed. Rhattigan just sent the AM to the non-profit La Promesa Foundation in a deal that included $40K in cash compensation and acknowledgement of a $200K donation from Rhattigan to LPF.