Truth and Liberty get together for swap meet


A full power FM station is going in one direction, and four FM translators will be exchanged for it in a like-kind transaction involving Truth Broadcasting Corporation and Liberty University. Truth will only keep three of the translators, however – Delmarva Educational Association stands to get one as a donation.

The full power, which Truth is sending to Liberty, is WBOB-FM Enfield NC, located to the north of Rocky Mount. Liberty, the non-commercial entity headed by Jerry Falwell Jr., intends to apply for a main studio waiver to it can operate the station from its Lynchburg VA base of operations.

Truth, headed by Stuart W. Epperson Jr., will be getting and holding on to three FM translators. Two are in the Raleigh-Durham market: W289BCD Raleigh and W288BU Durham. The third, W273BD Winston Salem, is in the Greensboro Winston-Salem market.

The fourth translator will be donated to noncommercial Delmarva Educational Association. It’s headed by somebody very well known to Epperson Jr: Nancy A. Epperson. The translator is W289BJ Murfreesboro NC, an unrated area in the northeastern portion of the state.