Trying an oldie but goodie on a national audience


It’s one of the oldest promotions for local radio or television – “the phrase that pays,” or any of a number of variations. Tonight, though, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon tries it at the national level on USA Network’s “WWE Monday Night Raw.” Each Monday night the flashy self-promoting executive will be giving away one million bucks to viewers who pre-register their phone number at the WWE website. The “secret code” will be displayed on-screen at least once every 30 minutes during the show. If the viewer is called and they know the secret code, they will win one of eight prizes to be awarded each Monday. There is one prize of $250,000, two of $200,000, one of $125,000, one of $98,000, one of $75,000, one of $51,998 and one of $2. That’s right, two bucks. Will that “lucky” person really feel like a winner?  

RBR/TVBR observation: Got to give it to WWE’s McMahon. He is not only a great showman, but a top marketer. Many CEOs should learn from this guy on how to provide entertainment and marketing and be as successful as the WWE.