Tucson LPTV headed for new owner


There has been a steady if modest flow of traffic in station trading, low power television division. Class As and LPTVs have consistently comprised a piece of the action, from market #1 New York right on down. Now KUDF-LP is joining the parade.

Buying the facility is LM Media Group Inc. It’s headed by President Rudolfo Martin Velez Gonzalez.

The seller has been in the news lately, unfortunately not in a positive light. Una Vez Mas LP has had seven of its Class A television stations ordered by the FCC to show cause why they should not be busted down to LPTV status, largely because of lengthy stretches of darkness. That won’t be a consideration in this case, since KUDF already is an LPTV rather than a Class A.

UVM, headed by Terry Crosby and Randy E. Nonberg, will pick up $810K cash in this deal. An LMA for the Channel 14 facility kicks in 4/1/12.