Tune in and Columbus radio spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at tune-in advertisers, the city of Columbus, OH and their use of spot radio. #1 last week on the radio in Columbus was SAFELITE AUTOGLASS running 1176 spots. Next was KROGER, the Ohio based grocery store chain, airing 698 commercials. #3 was GEICO with 619 ads, while HOME DEPOT was in the #4 slot with 343 spots. SAFEAUTO INSURANCE COMPANY was #5 running 339 spots and SKYLINE CHILI restaurants were #6 airing 322 announcements. The DISH NETWORK was #7, up from 23 the previous week, running 322 spots. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS, their NHL team aired 310 spots, while JARED GALLERIA OF JEWELRY ran 305 commercials coming in #9. And #10 was FOX TV NETWORK with an even 300 spots.

As the TV Networks fire up their fall seasons, they tend to promote their new and returning shows with much vigor. From all the spots that ran on all the stations in America monitored by Media Monitors, here are the results: #1 FOX TV with 12,758 spots. #2 NBC TV with 10,295 and #3 was CBS TV with 9,723 announcements. Coming in #4, the CW TV NETWORK, the joint venture of CBS and Warner Brothers ran 9,622. In the #5 slot was ABC TV with 8,550, while the SCI FI CHANNEL was #6 airing 7,037 spots.

COMEDY CENTRAL laughed its way into the #7 slot up from #18 in the previous week with 4,932 ads, and the TWO AND A HALF MEN syndication efforts of Tribune Broadcasting came in at #8 with 1,839 spots. VH1 was #9 with 1,830 spots, while the GEORGE LOPEZ syndication machine ran 1,792 spots.

On the NATIONAL SPOT TEN last week GEICO was #1 running 35,156, breaking all records for number of spots run this year. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #2 with 25,911 spots. HOME DEPOT was #3 with 23,739 units, while VERIZON was #4 running 18,552 spots. MCDONALDS was #5 with 17,339 spots.