Tune In Broadcasting reclaims one from the noncoms


Tune In Broadcasting reclaims one from the noncoms Non-profit entities have their own special place on the radio dial, between 88 and 92 MHz, but that hasn’t prevented them from making more and more incursions into higher portions of the FM band and on to the AM band as well. But every once in awhile, as is happening in Utica-Rome NY, a station goes back the other way.

In this case, the station is WYFY-AM, licensed to Rome. Coreen Frisch’s Tune IN Broadcasting LLC is the commercial operator that is proposing to bring the station back into the realm of for-profit operation.

The seller is the venerable noncom religious outfit Bible Broadcasting Network. The price for the station is a modest $20K, with $10K plunked down as earnest money and another $10K to be paid in cash at closing. But there is also another $70K involved, the price assigned to the station’s building and land. That will be handled in a separate transaction which is to be completed by 5/10/11.

The station is a Class C on 1450 kHz, with 1 kW of power night and day on a non-directional antenna.

Bible Broadcasting is keeping one thing from the station – its call letters. Tune In is contractually obligated to come up with a new set of calls.

This will mark the second station in the portfolio of the buyer. Frisch already owns WQMS-AM Quitman MS.