TuneGenie Gets Patent For Website Media Player Conversion


Here’s something that the radio industry C-Suite may wish to take note of if consumption of their stations via a smartphone and/or computer is of high importance.

TuneGenie has just been granted a U.S. patent for its technology, which converts websites—mobile and desktop—into media players.

This, says TuneGenie, eliminates the need for third party pop-out media players.

When installed into any site, audio and/or video content plays directly from the site.

“Keeping the audiences on their site gives broadcasters full control of how their online content is consumed and ultimately measured,” the company notes.

TuneGenie’s technology can be added to any site, the company notes.

“It takes about a minute and requires no advanced technology skills,” it says. “By routing all video and audio through the TuneGenie system, streams automatically turn off when users click on videos or podcasts, and vice versa.”

With pop-out media players each audio or video element requires a separate player and users are forced to manually turn off players to avoid overlapping playback.

“Finding and turning off the various players can be a frustrating experience, especially with mobile web browsers,” notes TuneGenie.

The company’s founder and CEO, Jeffrey Specter, added, “Media sites have become audio and video menus, giving the audience the power to choose content. But forcing the audience to navigate multiple media players across desktop and mobile is a bad experience; a silent content barrier. It causes audiences to get frustrated and walk away from the content. TuneGenie removes the barriers, no more confusing and overlapping players. Podcasts, videos and streams can now all be easily played. This patent makes it easier for us to distribute the platform to all.”

Additionally, TuneGenie has released its “companion” app platform for iOS and Android.

The apps are designed to highlight the broadcasters audio and video content, and
also to sync all content, ads, and functions between desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android.