Tuner2 app enables Flash streaming radio for iPhone


Modulation Index announced that the Tuner2 Hi-Fi Radio app for Apple iPhone is the first ever iPhone application to natively support the true RTMP protocol for streaming audio via Adobe Flash Media Server. Radio stations can now use a single standard streaming format to serve MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio to listeners on Windows, Mac, and Apple iPhone. In addition, Modulation Index announced that this functionality is also available immediately to all station customers taking delivery of customized versions of its iPhone radio app.

The Tuner2 Hi-Fi Radio app for Apple iPhone is a custom version of the Modulation Index iPhone radio app. By supporting MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio delivered over Adobe Flash Media server protocol, the Tuner2 Hi-Fi Radio app enables a listening experience with more stability and higher audio quality than the more typical MP3 or HE AAC v1 over HTTP. The MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio codec provides up to 4x better sound per bit than MP3 and the Adobe Flash Media server protocol has less overhead than HTTP. For example, MP3 requires up to 128Kbps to match the quality of a 32Kbps HE AAC v2 stream. The solution also lets stations establish a single streaming source with interactivity and have that stream be fully experienced on Windows, Mac, and iPhone.

Consumers interested in the Tuner2 Hi-Fi Radio app for iPhone can find it for sale through the Apple iTunes App Store or can visit http://tuner2.com. Stations or other parties interested in their own custom version of the Modulation Index radio app for iPhone should visit http://indexcom.com/iphone.

“Thirty years serving the broadcast industry has taught us that radio networks are fanatical about the quality of their signal,” said Greg Ogonowski, president of Modulation Index. “By coupling a professional-grade decoder with our deep knowledge of streaming protocols, we are able to meet their high expectations.”

“Our solution reduces complexity and operational costs for radio stations,” said David Frerichs, president of Media Tuners LLC. “By supporting true Adobe Flash streaming to the iPhone, stations can pick from their choice of streaming providers and use a single stream to serve their listeners across all platforms, complete with album art, click-through commercials, and station branding.”

“For years, our audience has been begging us to find a way to make Boomer Radio available outside of the workplace. With Adobe Flash streaming on the iPhone using Tuner2, they can now enjoy our programming anywhere they go with the best sounding audio available today. And broadcasters who adopt this solution will be afforded new opportunities to monetize their content,” said Ron Rubin, founder of Boomer Radio.

“Our customers have been looking for a path to profitably serve their listeners on the iPhone without losing control of their business,” said Jonathan Speaker, chief operating officer for StreamGuys. “Tuner2 Hi-Fi Radio and the Modulation Index custom radio apps now make that path clear.”