Turner Cable nets to present during broadcast upfront week


Time Warner’s Turner cable networks TNT, TBS and TruTV announced they will present new schedules to advertisers the same upfront week (5/14) as the broadcast networks, rather than in previous months/weeks. It makes sense–TNT has 14 new series in development; TBS has eight new projects in development; and TruTV, the former Court TV, has 10 in development.

TNT plans to have all original series in primetime for at least three days a week, reported The AP. It has already added new series like "Saving Grace" and "The Closer" to the schedule. Two new shows already given the go-ahead are "Raising the Bar," a legal thriller produced by Steven Bochco, and "Leverage," which stars Timothy Hutton leading a group of high-tech Robin Hoods. Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh are featured in "Truth in Advertising," about an ad firm in Chicago.

TruTV projects include series that follow the lives of a school principal, ski patrol member, helicopter rescue pilot in Maui and news helicopter pilot in LA.