TV Board meetings to be livelier


Just as Randy Michaels has shaken up Tribune Company and made it, at least for the adventurous, the fun place to work in media, he is likely to make meetings of the NAB TV Board more interesting. Michaels has been appointed by NAB Television Board Chairman Alan Frank to fill the "at large" seat left vacant when Bob Lee of Schurz Communications retired last December.

Prior to becoming Executive Vice President Tribune Company and CEO Interactive and Broadcasting in December, Michaels was CEO of Local TV LLC, a company created through his work with Oak Hill Capital Partners. He is best known for his long career in radio, during which he rose to CEO of Jacor Communications and then as CEO of Clear Channel Radio after it acquired Jacor.

RBR/TVBR observation: Don’t be mistaken, Randy knows how to have fun, but he is also serious about business. Sam Zell, who made a lot of money with Randy at Jacor, brought him to Tribune to bring fresh ideas to an old line media company. No doubt he’ll also have some fresh ideas about what the NAB should be doing to advance the television business.