TV, digital drive gains for Univision


Radio, not so much. In sUnivision Communications, Inc.hort, during the third quarter, television was solid, digital was explosive and radio was a bit on the toxic side.

Total revenue was up 5.5% to $728.9M, and OIBDA rose 4.4% to $3018M.

Television revenues were up 5.7% to $613.9M and OIBDA was up 5.1% to $276.3M.

Digital revenues were up $63.3% to $36.1M and OIBDA was up 216.7% to $13.3M.

Radio, however, was down 12.3% to $78.9M and OIBDA was down 26.3% to $34.6M.

Randy Falco, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “Our strategy of providing a Univision branded experience to our audience everywhere continues to differentiate Univision Communications’ position in a very competitive and rapidly changing media environment. Today, we have 16 broadcast, cable and digital networks that are expanding our reach and connecting us with a young, tech-savvy, and politically and economically influential audience. Coupled with our content spanning across entertainment, sports, news and music, many of our offerings continue to attract audiences who are not only younger than our competitors, but also watch live and are frequently engaged with us across linear, digital and social platforms – and in many instances are watching Univision exclusively.”

The FIFA World Cup was said to be a boon to television results and a detriment on the radio side.