TV Dramas: highest primetime viewing, timeshifting, ad spend


NielsenIn the first of a three-part insight series, Nielsen looked at viewership and advertising across five traditional primetime genres and found that dramas account for the largest share of viewership, timeshifting and ad spend, while reality programs claimed the largest share of product placements.


Travelocity was the most recalled brand in a primetime reality program.

Viewers were 70% more likely to recall the Travelocity mention during the October 9, 2011, airing of Amazing Race (CBS) than they were any other brand/product mention in a reality program.


Purell was the most recalled brand in a primetime scripted program. Viewers were twice as likely to recall the Purell mention during the October 27, 2011, airing of The Big Bang Theory (CBS) than they were any other brand/product mention in a scripted program.


News and Sports (more surprisingly), both had a negligible share for product placement spend.

The Advertising & Audiences Report also found that, when watching at home, 43% of timeshifted primetime broadcast programming is played back the same day it was recorded and 88% is played back within three days.

During primetime, the share of viewership devoted to sitcoms has risen steadily over the past three years. $72 billion was spent on TV advertising in the U.S. in 2011, with $14 billion allocated during these five traditional primetime genres. More than half of all broadcast TV product placements during primetime took place on reality programs (4,664).