TV music users beware: There’s a new watchdog in town


Universal Music has inked a deal with TuneSat, a company that has developed technology that it says will accurately monitor the use of copywritten music on broadcast television and groups like ASCAP, SESAC and BMI to reap “a significant” amount cash.

TuneSat says its job is “…finding copyrighted music buried under layers of antiquated reporting systems and massive under-reporting of music usage in broadcast television. The data gathered from monitoring broadcast is available in near real time, thereby maximizing the successful collection of performance royalties, while also protecting copyrights.”

According to TuneSat, “…a significant amount of money gets lost in broadcast television because it is never reported or goes undetected as they rely on antiquated manual cue sheets, most of which turn out to be inaccurate and fraught with error. “

The service recently entered into a partnership with SESAC.