TV News: Dish/Netflix, Fox/DirecTV, Luken, CBS


Dish NetworkIn today’s compendium of TV facts, Dish makes a home for Netflix; DirecTV ads Fox properties; Luken Communications gets another car program; and Les Moonves reups with CBS.

* Dish has become the first MVPD to make Netflix part of its user interface – it is available on its Hopper. Dish subscribers will be able to use the device to set up a Netflix account, and from then on will be able to access the service without switching to a separate device.

* Fox streaming service Fox Everywhere is now available on DirecTV. Fox says the service is now available on most major MVPDs, on the internet and on several mobile platforms. For DirecTV, it takes its DirecTV Everywhere total to more than 50 streams.

* Luken Communications is now distributing the program Rev’n as a part of its My Classic Car series. The once-a-week program, into its 19th season, is hosted by Dennis Gage.

* Les Moonves has signed a new contract that will keep him with CBS until 6/30/19. Moonves and the network are believed to have arrived at the new deal without resorting to any program blackout threats.