TV prime timers on the bubble


Yes / No / MaybeYesterday we took a look at the television shows that have either been yanked offstage or are soon to be. Today, we’ll take a look at the programs whose fate remains to be determined. According to the crystal ball gazers at TV by the Numbers, at Fox, it’s a short list – in fact, there is no list.

The programs listed here are either likely (but not certain) to be renewed, in the toss-upcategory, or likely (but not certain) to be cancelled. Or in other words, on the bubble (oh, wait, we used those words already. ABC had the most decisions pending, while Fox has none.

Here are the lists:

Likely to be renewed
* Body of Proof
* Malibu Country
* The Neighbors
Likely to be canceled
* Last Man Standing
* Nashville
* Revenge

Likely to be canceled
* Rules of Engagemant

No programs on the bubble

* Whitney
* Community
* Go On
Likely to be canceled
* The New Normal
Source: TV by the Numbers