TV prime time’s goners and gonna goers


Thumbs DownThe end of the prime time regular season is drawing very close, and most of the networks now have a good idea of what shows are nearing the end, if they have not in fact already come to an end. Let’s take a look at the latest assessment from TV by the Numbers.

We will begin by putting a suitable image in your brain – imagine an idyllic hill with the sun setting behind it upon which stands a solitary soldier playing a soulful version of Taps.

Got it? Ok, let’s proceed.

Already cancelled
* Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23
* Last Resort
* Zero Hour
* Private Practice
* 666 Park Avenue
Certain to be cancelled by May
* Happy Endings
* Red Widow

Already cancelled
* Made in Jersey
* Partners
Certain to be cancelled by May
* Vegas
* Golden Boy

Final season
* Fringe
Already cancelled
* The Mob Doctor
* Ben and Kate
Certain to be cancelled by May
* Touch
* The Cleveland Show

Final season
* 30 Rock
* The Office
Already cancelled
* Do No Harm
* Smash
* Animal Practice
Certain to be cancelled by May
* 1600 Penn
* Guys with Kids
* Deception
* Up All Night
Source: TV by the Numbers


  1. Too bad about CBS’s “Vegas”. It’s a well-written, well-acted show. My question is, why would any TV producer or network think a show set in the 1960s be a hit with the 18-49 crowd? How can they relate? The show does well in total cume, but I’m sure it’s mostly 50+.

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