TV, publishing both down for Gannett


April was a down month across the board for Gannett Company. Broadcasting revenues fell 4.3% to $74.2 million and the much, much larger newspaper division saw ad revenues drop 10.4% to $410.9 million. Circulation and “other” were also down, so Gannett’s total revenues were down 7.7% for the month to $639.6 million.

Broadcasting revenues, including Captivate, the in-elevator video service were 4.3% lower. Television revenues were down 5.3%, with local down 3.2% and national off 13.7%. “Based on results to date and current pacings, television revenues for the second quarter of 2008 would lag last year’s second quarter in the mid to high single digits,” the company said.

Gannett noted that the publishing revenues were impacted by Easter coming in March this year, rather than April. Retail advertising fell 6.1% to $189.5 million, national was off 8.2% to $65.9 million and classified was down a whopping 15.8% to $155.5 million.