TV, radio figure in battle for Hispanic votes


Hispanic media companies have been laying the groundwork for a Fall windfall all year, and it is definitely paying off in the presidential sweepstakes. Several battleground states contain significant Hispanic populations, and both campaigns are using the media in an effort to earn their votes. The Republican National Committee has been using radio to go after Barack Obama in many of these states, including Nevada, New Mexico and Florida on behalf of John McCain. Obama has been responding with a television campaign, and has included Colorado in the mix. Hispanic groups like Univision and Entravision, invested in both media, spent the early part of the year encouraging eligible Hispanics to apply for citizenship; as well as encouraging the even larger pool of eligible Hispanics to register to vote. With immigration maintaining its status as a hot button issue, and with Hispanics numerous enough to possibly tip the election one way or the other in many states, the Hispanic media company’s policy – as predicted right here – is paying off.