TV revs in reverse, up slightly where it counts


The results are in for Q4 2007 and the year as a whole, and TVB reports that the latest TNS Media Intelligence/CMR revenue tally puts the biz down 4.4% for the year and 5.6% for the quarter. Of course, these results come as no surprise to anybody familiar with the election/Olympic roller-coaster, which regularly results in a red ink valley during an odd year. In the more relevant comparison, to 2005, the total revenue total was up, but not by a great deal.

The loss of 2007 political cash is felt most strongly in the fourth quarter. Local was by far the loss leader, down -17.2% from Q4 2006 totals. In fact, it was the ONLY loser, as network enjoyed a gain of +1.9% and syndication was up a resounding +7.9%. For the year, the -4.4% total revenue number was based on receipts of 46.557B, down from 48.722B in 2006. Local was down -9.5% to 16.905B; network was down -1.2% to 25.479B; and syndicated was down -1.5% to 4.173B.

Compare those numbers to 2005, and all four are close, with 2007 coming out on top for the most part. The 2007 total figure is about 1.4% better than 2005’s 45.917B; network is up from 2005’s 16.756B; and syndication is up from 2005’s 4.222B. Only local is lower, down from 16.756B

TVBR/RBR observation: Getting political back will definitely be a relief, and all indications are that the category is going to produce a bumper crop. The Olympics may even benefit from a bit of political interest, since relations with host nation China will add elements beyond sports into the mix. Problems in other sectors of the economy will have their effect on 2008’s bottom line, too, unfortunately, which figures to make it a challenging year.