TV shows on the endangered species list


People watching TVTV by the Numbers keeps track of the health of all entries on the television prime time schedule, and at this point, most have even odds or better to come back for another season. But not all of them are so lucky.

According to TVBytheNumbers, only two are facing certain doom.

On Fox, Ben and Kate is rated as certain to be cancelled by May of next year.

Joining it on the likely extinction list is ABC’s Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23.

The good news for Fox and ABC is that there are no other shows with survival probability rated any worse than a toss up.

CBS has two shows rated more likely to be cancelled than renewed. They are CSI:NY and Vegas.
There are three such programs playing at NBC. On the endangered list there are Whitney, Up All Night and Guys With Kids.

Other programs are either in their final season, already renewed or well on their way to renewal, more likely to be renewed than not or in the toss-up category.