TV Spot Loads Climb


ConnectedTVNational television spot time is growing according to analysis of Nielsen data by Pivotal Research Group.

Ad loads grew in April nearly 2% to 10.7 minutes per hour compared to April a year ago.

That’s true for 18-49 year-olds in the C3 metric, which is the average minute commercial rating plus three days of time-shifted viewing.

“Network groups increased commercial loads to support growth in inventory for sale above and beyond changes in ratings,” Pivotal Senior Analyst Brian Wieser told MediaPost.

Viacom networks averaged 14.9 minutes of national ads per hour in April, the most of any network. Scripps had 13.4 minutes per hour, AMC had 12.3 minutes per hour and NBC had 11.3 minutes per hour.



  1. Thanks to my DVR, I find that titles and ads make up at least 15 minutes of every hour of every show I watch, no matter what station. Yes, even NBC.

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